Detailed Uniform Policy 2015-2016

Uniforms are worn at Nativity Catholic School as a symbol of unity and school pride. The uniform policy creates equity among students, a valuable reminder that all students are equally precious in the eyes of God. The wearing of uniforms is to be a cooperative effort among parents, students, and staff.

The school has the responsibility for maintaining a conducive educational environment. Students and parents share the responsibility for proper dress and grooming. If a student is not in regulation uniform, parents may be called to pick up the student or the student may be required to change into a uniform provided by the school.

Only Nativity Catholic School may give permission to have the school logo placed on any items or articles of clothing.

Uniforms are availableĀ for purchase at:

Risse Brothers
4228 N. Armenia Ave
Tampa, Fl 33607
Phone: (813) 282-8338

Click here forĀ Risse Brothers Information.




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